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●     NLA v Meltwater: a victory for content owners

●     How US publishers pirated Dickens’ works

●     Consultation on legal deposit

●     Minister says search engines must help stop pirates

●     EU votes through the Copyright Term Directive

●     Government backs Hargreaves Review

●     Hargreaves Report: Government implementation plan awaited

●     Publishing industry responses to Hargreaves explain why copyright remains at the base of our creative industries

●     A book of the individual contributions to the website has been published by Wildy, Simmonds and Hill Publishing

●     The answer to the Machine is in the Machine”: A Big Idea from the European Publishers Council

●     The Encouragement of Learning: Dr Sarah Thomas

●     The Stationers’ Company and Copyright: a brief introduction by Noel Osborne

●     Copyright and the Information Explosion: an Overview by Clive Bradley

●     Tomorrow’s Humanities: James Murdoch, News Corporation

●     Do Libraries Dream of Electric Sheep? Lisbet Rausing

●     Why copyright remains important: A perspective from a data publisher Trevor Fenwick Euromonitor

●     Other Men’s Flowers: David R Worlock

●     An act for the encouragement of … enforcement: Rod Kirwan, partner Denton Wilde Sapte

●     The role of the creative industries in rebuilding the UK economy: Helen Alexander CBE, President CBI

●     THE EUROPEAN UNION: In 2010 is Copyright still able to protect and reward the creative heart of Europe? Angela Mills Wade

●     Happy Birthday to Copyright: Simon Juden

●     The answer to the machine: Mark Bide and Dr. Alicia Wise

●     Collective Licensing: Responding to the challenges of the digital age: Kevin Fitzgerald

●     Accentuate the positive aspects of copyright for the sake of future posterity: Andrew Yeates

●     Copyright’s balancing act and the role of the library: Michael Heaney, Bodleian Libraries

●     Copyright through the Looking-glass: Tom Rivers

●     The Changing Role of Copyright: Roger Parry

●     Does the Database Directive have a future? Laurence Kaye

●     Enlightenment Now: Dominic McGonigal, PPL

●     Copyright in the digital environment: a broadcaster’s perspective: Najma Rajah, BBC

●     Copyright in Practice: A Publisher Perspective by Kevin Taylor, CUP

●     Why Copyright is still important after 300 years: Professor Iain Stevenson

●     Is Queen Anne’s Statute relevant to Twitter? By John Howkins, author of The Creative Economy

●     How can government balance effective copyright protection and users’ needs? Judith Sullivan

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