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This website was developed by The Stationers’ Company in the 300th anniversary year of the Statute of Anne as a professional resource to inform the debate on the future of copyright in the digital age and contains articles and submissions by leading industry practitioners, lawyers and academics with practical experience of the importance of Copyright in the UK as well as those at the “sharp end” as publishers and producers.

We believe that, while the rights of rightsowners need to evolve in line with the times, nevertheless copyright is still the bedrock on which creative industries are based. As you can read,  that is about 10 percent of the UK economy:  all based on a concept evolved through 153 years of effort by the Stationers’ Company before being encapsulated in a visionary piece of legislation in the name of Queen Anne enacted in April 1710.

However we have not been constrained by any “Stationers’ Company view” and have invited submissions from a wide range of opinion – and continue to do so. A book of the website is available through this link. If you would like to contribute an article for inclusion, please complete a comment form or you can join the debate on  

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