Copyright in the Digital Age

What are the key issues for surrounding copyright in the Digital Age? The publication produced by the Stationers’ Company, Copyright in the Digital Age: Industry Issues and Impacts is a unique compilation of articles by major opinion formers which collectively puts the ices important issues into perspective. The Statute of Anne, enacted 300 years ago in April 1710, established a copyright regime begun 153 years earlier by the Stationers’ Company. On these beginnings has been built the success of print and digital publishing – foundations that are now under threat as never before. The Digital Britain Report, published in 2009, was timely and it was in the context of the ensuing debate (and the tercentenary of the Statute of Anne) that the Stationers’ Company published its own report.  In doing so the Company gave voice to the continuing contribution and value that copyright makes to the UK publishing sector and the dangers that publishers and broadcasters face as copyright is challenged by changing business models and user attitudes to the access and use of published materials.

The resulting articles were collated in a co-publishing arrangement  with Wildy and Son, the legal booksellers, to ensure the widest possible availability of the printed publication.  Copies of the publication may be ordered here and a selection of the articles can be viewed below. This publication led to the decision to fund a three year study by a post graduate student at UCL – and the publication in 2016 of Aisling O’Connell’s Phd thesis, Fit for Change: Copyright for Publishers in the Digital Age, also published on this website, for which she was awarded her Doctorate.