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●     IPO thoughts on copyright and the economic effects of parody

●     Modernising copyright – February 2013

●     Stationers and UCL in joint copyright research initiative for communications and content industries

●     Government publishes proposals for changes to UK copyright

●     Stationers offer bursary to copyright research student

●     Hooper recommends UK Copyright Hub

●     Copyright adds extra £3 billion to national accounts

●     Hargreaves warned on damaging UK creative industries

Modernising Copyright

IPO report February 2013….Media companies question reform….Hargreaves comments on government reforms….EU take on private copy levy….copyright in the digital boom….Lords back photographers….Google’s £60m war chest

With so much happening in the world of copyright just now, an update seemed timely.  One focus for debate is the UK Intellectual Property Office publication “Modernising Copyright” in which the IPO asserts that the UK needs to adapt its strong but rigid framework for copyright into one that is modern, robust and flexible:

• flexible in removing certain barriers to using copyright works, and thus supporting innovation and
• modern in dealing better with the challenges of current and future te chnologies; and
• robust in ensuring there continue to be appropriate incentives for creators and rights holders to carry
on investing in the UK, as they do so successfully at the moment.

To downloaded the report, click Modernising Copyright – a modern robust and flexible framework – Government response

Media companies question copyright reform: Cory Doctorow makes the case for fair dealing and claims that copyright enforcement is sometimes at odds with plagiarism detection:  (Source: The Guardian,, 04.02.13).

Hargreaves comments on Government copyright reforms:  Hargreaves generally supportive, but questions limitations to private copying exception.  (Source: Out-Law,, 01.02.2013).

EU makes private copying levy recommedations: António Vitorino (former European Commissioner for Justice and Home Affairs) has presented his recommendations to Commissioner Barnier. (Source 1709 blog,, 01.02.12)

New look at copyright key to digital boom:  This opinion piece follows up on the launch of CREATe, the University of Glasgow copyright research centre: (Source: The Scotsman, 31.01.13).

Photographers receive Lords support – Crossbench party member Lord Greenway vocalised the worst fears of photographers and picture agencies – that changes to copyright law would jeopardise their livelihoods and rights.  (Source: BJP,, 04.02.13).German proposal for search engines to pay: Google is objecting to a law change in Germany that would strengthen copyright law for press publishers.  (Source: TechCrunch, 30.01.13).

Google creates €60 million fund, settles with French publishers: Google agrees to help them increase revenue through online ads a “digital publishing innovation fund.  (Source: CNET,, 01.02.13).

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