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Filesharing highlights collision of free speech and copyright

Filesharing highlights collision of free speech and copyright An article “The First Amendment and what it means for free speech online”published by Sam Cook on 10 February 2017 in VPN & Privacy offers an interesting perspective on how free speech is coming face to face with other legal issues, such as copyright laws written into the […]

Introduction to Collective Licensing seminars

Introduction to Collective Licensing seminars Introduction to Collective Licensing seminars being organised by the Publishers Licensing Society (PLS)in 2018 provide a practical guide to collective licensing in the UK. They are free to attend.  In 2016/17 PLS distributed £32.9 million to publishers in the UK through its collective licensing scheme. The seminars cover What does collective licensing […]

Brexit and the realpolitik of trade agreements

Brexit and the realpolitik of trade agreements – Laurence Kaye Hamlet observed “There is a divinity that shapes our ends, rough hew them how you will.” When it comes to the UK’s choices in a post EU, Brexit world, it isn’t the Divine, but rather existing international agreements, & the politics and power surrounding them, […]

Three post graduate bursaries in copyright

Three post graduate bursaries in copyright Following sponsorship of Dr. Aislinn O’Connell‘s doctorate in copyright at UCL, The Stationers’ Company has continued its support for copyright students by administering three postgraduate bursaries started in 2017 all initiated by Under Warden Trevor Fenwick. The founding of a Stationers’ Foundation Copyright Bursary through funds divested in the […]

Orphan Works Database given user approval

Orphan Works Survey 2017, Summary report European Observatory on Infringements of Intellectual Property Rights In total 120 institutions and individuals contributed to the Orphan Works Survey 2017, with input received from 26 countries (25 EU Member States and 1 EEA country). The results show that users are largely satisfied with the overall experience of using […]

Seven-year-olds given copyright lessons to curb online piracy

Seven-year-olds given copyright lessons to curb online piracy All supporters of copyright will welcome The Sunday Telegraph story of January 2018 which publicises the IPO’s considerable resources for education which can be found here. PRIMARY schoolchildren are to be taught about copyright and intellectual property law amid a rise in social media, a government agency has […]

Why Europe’s New Copyright Proposals Are Bad News for the Internet

Why Europe’s New Copyright Proposals Are Bad News for the Internet The proposals aren’t just bad for Google, but for everyone, David Meyer argues in Fortune The proposals, argues Meyer,  would allow publishers to try wrangling fees out of others for any “use of the work”—a dangerously vague term in this context. What’s more, they’d get […]

‘EU copyright legislation will not change in UK after Brexit’ argues Kaye

‘EU copyright legislation will not change in UK after Brexit’ argues Kaye Lawyer Laurie Kaye has blogged  “I’m going to stick my neck out: whatever the nature of the UK’s exit from membership of the European Union and our subsequent relationship with the EU as a third country, EU copyright law will remain central to UK […]

EU copyright reform proposals “sensible” say publishers

EU copyright reform proposals “sensible” say publishers Commenting on the publication in September  of the Commission’s copyright reform package, Stephen Lotinga, Chief Executive of the Publishers Association, said: “This is a sensible set of proposals which recognises the role of both publisher and author within the copyright framework. “In a number of areas such as […]

Publishers stress importance of Robust Copyright Regime Post Brexit

Publishers stress importance of robust copyright regime post Brexit UK copyright law must continue to operate in a way that allows news media companies to continue to invest in agenda setting journalism and creative content as the UK leaves the European Union, the News Media Association has said. In a submission to a Culture, Media […]

Congratulations to Dr. Aislinn O’Connell

Worshipful Company of Stationers and Newspaper Makers Press Release 11 October 2016 Stationers’ Foundation Research Student gains PhD for copyright thesis A three-year bursary at UCL, organised and funded by the Stationers’ Foundation, charitable arm of the Worshipful Company of Stationers and Newspaper Makers, has enabled Aislinn O’Connell to be awarded a PhD for her […]

Fit for Change? Copyright for Publishers in the Digital Age – Abstract/Intro

Fit for Change? Copyright for Publishers in the Digital Age Aislinn O’Connell January 2016 Centre for Publishing Department of Information Studies University College London A thesis submitted for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in University College London 1  I, Aislinn O’Connell, confirm that the work presented in this thesis is my own. Where information […]

Copyright thesis – Chapter 1 Literature Review

Chapter 1: Literature Review Introduction In order to conduct a literature review for this thesis, a grounding in the basics of copyright was first necessary. Thus, for the purposes of this thesis, a preliminary reading of core IP textbooks was conducted. While this established the basics of copyright, it also quickly became clear that it […]

Copyright thesis Chapter 2 – A Historical investigation of copyright

Chapter 2: A historical investigation of copyright Introduction Copyright claims its legislative origins in early eighteenth century Britain, some three hundred years ago, with the implementation of the Statute of Anne.1 However, no idea is formed in a vacuum. To claim that the Statue of Anne was the beginnings of copyright is to deny the […]

Copyright Thesis Chapter 3 – Legal Investigation

Chapter 3: A Legal Investigation of Copyright: Graduated Response Introduction With the advent of digital came the advent of online piracy. For consumers, the ability to reproduce and share files led to a proliferation of high-quality copies with no degradation; from a scratchy home taping of a radio song to a full-quality digital file, the […]

Copyright thesis Chapter 4 – Blocking initiatives

Chapter 4: A Legal Investigation of Copyright: Blocking Initiatives Introduction As discussed in the previous chapter, GR systems, in the beginning, focused on deterring the consumer from downloading illegal content, through the use of escalating penalties, and later through the use of educational redirection. However, there are other methods of enforcing copyright which focus not […]

Copyright thesis Chapter 5 – Copyright and the UK Economy

Chapter 5: Core Copyright and the UK Economy Introduction With the emphasis on the cost of piracy to the copyright industries, and the statement that copyright is preventing innovation which could be profitable to the UK economy, the question arises of what the actual economic contribution of the copyright industries to the UK GDP stood […]

Copyright thesis Chapter 6 – The Hargreaves Exceptions

Chapter 6: The Hargreaves Exceptions – A Case Study Introduction As the literature review demonstrated, there were repeated calls for exceptions to copyright in order to improve adaptation to the digital shift. Recommended exceptions varied from better access for disabled people to education and teaching exceptions, and in the UK were possible based on provisions […]

Copyright thesis Chapter 7 – Alternative approaches

Chapter 7: Alternative Approaches to Copyright Introduction Beyond legislative solutions to copyright enforcement and simplifying copyright use, it is important to note the attitudes of content creators, content users, related parties in copyright, and also of government towards copyright. It is also worth pointing out the inherent flexibility of copyright, and its adaptability to new […]

Copyright thesis – Conclusions

Conclusion This thesis has conducted an analysis of how copyright adapted to the digital shift, and considered whether it is fit for purpose in the face of the changes wrought by the shift to digital on the copyright framework, finally concluding that it is indeed generally fit for purpose in the digital age. This analysis […]

Index, List of Abbreviations, Tables of Cases & Legislation, Bibliography, Appendices 1&2

Index A EU, 15, 17, 31, 35, 36, 39, 40, 71, 72, 73, 118, 143, 147, 148, 162, 163, 165, 166, 167, 177, 185, 186, 187, 190, 191, 196, 197, 198, 201, 205, 206, 228, 234 European Commission, 24, 38, 147, 201, 217 European Parliament, 39, 41, 194, 201, 203, 204, 205, 228 European Union, […]

World Book and Copyright Day

Stationers’ salute to World Book and Copyright Day 23 APRIL 2015 has been declared this year’s World Book and Copyright Day by UNESCO and as the home of copyright – developed over 150 years prior to the Statute of Anne in 1710 – the  Stationers’ Company salutes the UNESCO initiative, an annual event with its dedicated website. […]

EU’s new action plan for copyright and digital platforms

European Commission – Press release Commission takes first steps to broaden access to online content and outlines its vision to modernise EU copyright rules Brussels, 9 December 2015 Making EU copyright rules fit for the digital age Delivering on its Digital Single Market strategy, the Commission today presents a proposal to allow Europeans to travel with their […]

Google News Leaves Spain

Keen copyright enthusiasts might be familiar with the German “Leistungsschutzrecht für Presseverlege” (LSR) or, as it’s more commonly known (and easily pronounced) Lex Google. This legislation grants news agencies rights over commercial exploitation of their work for one year, including even small ‘snippets’ of work. The aim of the legislation was to allow news agencies […]

Exceptions impact on business: air your views on 20 October 2014

Join us for a great debate on 20 October at Stationers’ Hall to examine the impact on business of the recent amendments to copyright law. These controversial changes follow the “Google inspired” Hargreaves Review, which was designed to bring copyright “up to date”. The discussion will focus on these changes and what publishers and content […]

Last Copyright Exceptions Come Into Force Today

Today, October 1st 2014, marks the first day that personal copying is legal under UK Copyright Law. The private copying exception, along with the parody/pastiche exception, following their earlier disappearance and reappearance, come into force today, marking the first time that it will be legal to make copies of content for personal use. It remains […]

Copyright and the UK Economy

Below you will find the full text and accompanying Prezi presentation of the seminar given by PhD Bursary student Aislinn O’Connell on July 28 2014. The topic covered was an assessment of the economic contribution of the UK core copyright industries to the UK economy. Copyright and the UK Economy Seminar, Aislinn O’Connell, 28th July […]

Copyright Briefing – July 14

Copyright Briefing Note Copyright Licensing Agency – July 2014 Regulation overview Two main pieces of legislation have been passed at the national and European level in the last year, both of which impact upon copyright collecting societies in the UK. These are the UK Enterprise and Regulatory Reform (ERR) Act (passed in April 2013) and […]

Culture of the Public Domain – A Good Thing?

On June 25th 2013, in the Cruciform building in UCL, 200 people (including this author) attended the fifth annual Sir Hugh Laddie lecture, hosted by the Institute of Brand and Innovation Law at UCL. This year’s speaker was Professor Hugh Hansen, director of Fordham Intellectual Property Institute – well known to any IP buff as […]

An Employment Focus on the Creative Industries

Keen enthusiasts may recall that in January, the Department for Culture, Media and Sport published their Creative Industries Economic Estimates [which can be found here] which estimated that the Creative Industries accounted for about 5.2% of the UK Economy in 2012, and accounted for 1 in 12 jobs in the UK, among other interesting things, […]

Copyright exceptions back on track

Following on from the news in May that the private copying and parody/pastiche exceptions had been withdrawn from voting, the remaining three copyright exceptions came into force in the UK on June 1st, 2014. These exceptions cover public administration, research education libraries and archives, and disability exceptions, and they offer a proposed benefit of £250 […]

Exceptions Update

The last of Hargreaves recommendations, a suite of exceptions making their way through the Houses of Parliament, after multiple delays, have reached yet another stumbling block – two of the five exceptions will not be voted on this coming Monday (12th May). Following on from the Hargreaves review in 2011, five exceptions to copyright have […]

LBF14 – Day 2

After a busy and interesting first day of the London Book Fair (on which see here), this blogger returned for the second day of the fair filled with excitement for the range of activities lying ahead of her. Once again, there were simply too many stands and seminars to describe or even attend everything, so […]

LBF14 – Day 1

The second week in April sees the arrival of the London Book Fair 2014 to the Earl’s Court Exhibition Centre. A three-day exhibition bringing together publishers, academics, writers and all manner of parties interested in publishing and in books, it is certainly one of the highlights of the publishing year. Being a student, this blogger […]

New Director for Copyright and Enforcement Speaks

Three weeks after taking up the mantle of the Director for Copyright and Enforcement in the Intellectual Property Office, Dr Ros Lynch appeared at her first public engagement, speaking of her plans for the future to interested parties at the offices of Bircham Dyson Bell LLP. Last night, Thursday 20th March 2014, Dr Lynch gave […]

Copyright and the Future of Global Content Industries

Stationers Bursary PhD student Aislinn O’Connell (see here for more information) is now in the second year of her studies, researching copyright, the impact of the digital shift, and the case for copyright in the future, both economically and otherwise. As part of her research programme, she gave a seminar in November of 2013, on […]

Commons Committee warns against diluting IP rights

26 September 2013 Commons Committee warns against diluting IP rights The Commons Culture Media and Sport Committee recognises the extraordinary success of the UK’s creative industries but warns that this may be jeopardised by any dilution of intellectual property rights and the failure to tackle online piracy. The Committee also “strongly condemns” the “notable” failure […]

CLSG Launch Report: Streamlining Copyright Licensing for the Digital Age

Copyright Licensing Steering Group launches report on the progress of the implementation of Hooper and Lynch’s recommendations for streamlining copyright.

IPso FACTo debate at Stationers Company

The Stationers Copyright and IP Project kicked off their three-year copyright project with an open-floor debate chaired by Philip Walters MBE and featuring Sarah Faulder and David Worlock.

Publishers Launch Global Exchange on Copyright

Publishers Launch international forum on Copyright Publishers from around the world met in Bangkok on 4 June to establish a new global forum to share experiences and concerns about how content aggregators and search  engines impact their businesses. The issue is a contentious one, as search engines and aggregators can play both a positive and […]

Funding given to kick-start Copyright Hub

In a Press Release issued today, Lord Younger of Leckie, the Intellectual Property minister, has announced that £150,000 of funding has been awarded for the development of the Copyright Hub. The Copyright Hub is a much-discussed solution where consumers can easily get information about rights ownership and copyright licences . In his 2011 review of IP […]

IPO thoughts on copyright and the economic effects of parody

IPO thoughts on copyright and the economic effects of parody The Intellectual Property Office has developed a useful research page with its latest publications which include : 1. Evaluating the impact of parody on the exploitation of copyright works: The status of parody and related derivative works within the UK copyright framework lacks clarity and has been recommended […]

Modernising copyright – February 2013

Modernising Copyright IPO report February 2013….Media companies question reform….Hargreaves comments on government reforms….EU take on private copy levy….copyright in the digital boom….Lords back photographers….Google’s £60m war chest With so much happening in the world of copyright just now, an update seemed timely.  One focus for debate is the UK Intellectual Property Office publication “Modernising Copyright” […]

Stationers and UCL in joint copyright research initiative for communications and content industries

Stationers and UCL in joint copyright research initiative for communications and content industries The Stationers’ Company has established a three-year post-graduate research studentship at University College London (UCL) to study the research-based commercial and economic case for copyright following an extensive recruitment and interview process conducted by UCL during the second half of last year. […]

Government publishes proposals for changes to UK copyright

Government publishes proposals for changes to UK copyright The UK Government published its proposals for changes to the UK copyright system in December. The report can be seen here The executive summary contains a number of important statements: This document details the Government’s response to consultation on a number of areas where copyright legislation appeared […]

Stationers offer bursary to copyright research student

Stationers PhD bursary Postgraduate Research Studentship: Department of Information Studies, University College London in association with the Stationers’ Foundation, the Charity of the Worshipful Company of Stationers and Newspaper Makers. The Department of Information Studies at University College London (UCLDIS) invites applications for a three year fully funded research studentship from suitably qualified candidates with […]

Hooper recommends UK Copyright Hub

The main recommendation of an independent report into copyright in the UK is the creation of a not-for-profit, industry led Copyright Hub based in the UK that links interoperably and scalably to the growing national and international network of private and public sector digital copyright exchanges, rights registries and other copyright-related databases, using agreed cross-sectoral and cross-border data building blocks and […]

Copyright adds extra £3 billion to national accounts

Copyright adds extra £3bn to national accounts The Intellectual Property Office (IPO) and Imperial College today published new estimates of investment in the UK’s copyright industries. When adopted in the National Accounts this adds more than 3.71€ billion to the economy. Welcoming the announcement Baroness Wilcox, Minister for Intellectual Property, said: “This is excellent news not just […]

Hargreaves warned on damaging UK creative industries

Publishers and writers combine to oppose Hargreaves’ findings Representing publishers, authors, designers and writers the Copyright Licensing Agency has responded to the Hargreaves Review on copyright arguing that: The basic premise of the Consultation Document following the Hargreaves Review that the proposed changes would lead to economic growth is flawed; instead the reverse is more likely to […]

PPA pushes for simplified IP rights exchange

PPA pushes for simplified IP rights exchange The move coincides with the publication of a Feasibility Study on a proposed Digital Copyright Exchange by the Intellectual Property Office (IPO) on 27 March. While the report states there is no evidence that copyright licensing is not fit for purpose for the publishing sector, the PPA has argued that […]

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